Donaldson's Chocolates

Since 1966, Donaldson's Chocolates have been made the old-fashioned way, with fresh creamery butter, rich whole milk, pure cane sugar, top quality chocolate, and lots of Hoosier pride. It's a difference you'll taste immediately - and never forget!

While the recipes remain a family secret, Donaldson's Finer Chocolates are a by-product of the magnificent heritage of chocolate, symbolized on each Donaldson's box by the cocoa tree from which chocolate is derived.

Located near the equator in South America, the cocoa tree produces cocoa beans, the source of all chocolate. History records the first known use of chocolate as a drink in Mexico some 500 years ago, and it wasn't long before word spread throughout Europe. Eventually the whole world developed a craving for chocolate.

Today, the manufacturing of chocolate is a highly sophisticated process of separating, grinding, and regrinding the cocoa beans into a chocolate liquor. Further mixings create various forms of chocolate. Combining the finest chocolates with secret recipes for caramel, butter creams, and other specialty products is what George and Peg Donaldson have developed and refined to produce distinctive, quality chocolates since purchasing Callane Finer Candies in 1966.

The only thing that is not a secret is the taste. Or that all the ingredients, from the cocoa beans of South America, to the rich dairy products of the Midwest, are what we believe to be the finest in the world.